iOS 14 readiness

AdTiming Mediation iOS 14 is ready, please update to iOS SDK V4.4.0 to be compatible with iOS 14 and support SKAdNetwork. You need to take the following three steps to get the update for iOS 14:

1. Update iOS SDK to V4.4.0
2. Update your application's plist to add the logo of SKAdNetwork
3. Enable SKAdNetwork attribution

Update to iOS SDK V4.4.0

The V4.4.0 version of the iOS SDK does not modify any API interface, you can update the SDK directly without any code change.

Add the SKAdNetwork Identifier to plist

AdTiming iOS SDK V4.4.0 provides the latest SKAdNetwork support for iOS 14. You need to add the SKAdNetwork logos of all advertising platforms integrated and used in the application to the plist file of your application to ensure that the ads can be displayed and attributed.

For more information about SKAdNetwork, please refer to Apple's official documentation.

AdTiming SKAdNetwork Identifier


The SKAdNetwork identifier of other platforms aggregated by AdTiming can be obtained here.

Enable SKAdNetwork attribution in your application

While updating the SDK to V4.4.0, you also need to update the code synchronously to support the attribution processing based on SKAdNetwork, so that your application can send attribution information when it is first installed.

Please use registerAppForAdNetworkAttribution or updateConversionValue(_:) function to update your app code to send attribution information to Apple.

You can get more information from Apple’s official documents, refer to the section 'The advertised app’s responsibilities are to:'

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