This guide will instruct you step-by-step on how to set Tapjoy as an ad network on the AdTiming Mediation platform.

Before You Start

Make sure you have correctly integrated AdTiming's Interstitial and Rewarded Video Mediation in your application.

Step 1. Create a Tapjoy Account

  1. Create an account with Tapjoy. You can do so here.
  2. Click on the link in the confirmation email to verify your account. Once your account has been verified, you can log in to their partner login here.

Step 2. Create an Application in Tapjoy

1. Once you log in, add an app by clicking on the top-right corner and select '+ Add App'.


2. Define the settings of your app.


  • Platform – iOS or Android.
  • App Name – Enter a custom name for your application.
  • Screen Orientation – Landscape, Portrait, Both.
  • Time Zone
  • Currency
  • App Store URL


Step 3. Add a Placement

Go to the Application drop-down in the upper-right corner. Select the application you created, go to the Monetization tab in the top menu and in the left side bar select 'Placements'.

1. Click the 'Create Placement' on the right side of the page.


2. Enter the name and description for this placement and Click 'Create'.



Step 4. Add a virtual Currency

You need to add a virtual currency to your Tapjoy account. All content units on Tapjoy must be associated with a virtual currency. Learn more on creating a Tapjoy Virtual currency on the Tapjoy Knowledge Center.

1. In the Monetization tab, navigate to the Virtual Currency section. Select the 'Create Virtual Currency' button on the top right.


2. The below window will appear.



  • Platform – iOS or Android.
  • Currency Name – E.g. coins, gold, chips, etc.
  • Currency Usage Description
  • Default Exchange Rate
  • Initial Balance – The currency amount your user is given when s/he starts using your app.
  • Callback URL or No_Callback – Self Managed currency only.

3. Click 'Create Now' and you will see your defined virtual currency as Enabled on your Virtual Currency dashboard.



Step 5. Add a Currency

You must add the relevant content card to the placement. Our mediation platform supports both Rewarded Video and Interstitial content for Tapjoy.

1. To add content to your placements, go to 'Monetization' on the top menu bar. Navigate to 'Create Content' on the left sidebar. You will then see the list of Tapjoy's Monetization products.


2. Select the relevant ad unit. (For example: Interstitial Video and Rewarded Video)


3. Complete details.


  • Content Name
  • Description
  • Platform – if your app supports both platforms, create two separate content units for each platform.




Step 6. Configure Tapjoy’s Parameters into AdTiming Account

1. Once you have both of these parameters, log in to your AdTiming account and go to Mediation -> Ad Network Setup

2. Select Tapjoy from the list of Available Ad Networks


3. Fill in the 'Tapjoy Report Key' and the 'Tapjoy SDK Key' and click 'Save'.


4. You will then see Tapjoy as Active for Mediation Status on your Setup list.


Step 7. Add the Tapjoy frameworks to Your Build


AdTiming supports both Cocoapods and Manualdownload mechanisms.


To Integrate the Tapjoy SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you are good to go!

pod 'TapjoySDK'

Manual Download

1. Download the Tapjoy framework

  • you can find the lastest Tapjoy SDK here.

2. Add the Tapjoy frameworks to your Project

You are now all set to deliver Tapjoy Network Ads through the AdTiming Mediation platform!


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