Ads Showing Common Problems

When an Native Ad fails to show, yet the log says otherwise

  •  Check if the nativeView was added to the view:
    [self.view addSubview:self.nativeView];
  •  Check if you has the following code:
    (void)ADTNative:(ADTNative*)native didLoad:(ADTNativeAd*)nativeAd
    self.nativeView.nativeAd = nativeAd;


When an Native Ad shows OK, but the creatives don't show 100%

  • Check if you has the following code:
    (void)ADTNative:(ADTNative*)native didLoad:(ADTNativeAd*)nativeAd
    self.nativeView.hidden = NO;
    self.nativeView.nativeAd = self.nativeAd;
    _iconView.image =[UIImage imageWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:nativeAd.iconUrl]]];
    _titleLabel.text = nativeAd.title;
    _bodyLabel.text = nativeAd.body;

When a Video Ad fails to show after successful loading

  •  Check if the placementID parameter was correctly passed to:
    [[ADTVideoAd sharedInstance]show:@"YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID"];


Ads Showing Failure, error Code 341

  •  Make sure not to call the ad's show() before the ad is ready:
    AdTiming[E]:Video is not ready, please try again later



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