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How to download the AdTiming SDK and Adapters for other AdNetworks you'd like to mediate?


Do I need to download other AdNetworks' SDKs and Adapters in addition to ADTMediationAdapter?

  • Yes. Starting AdTiming Mediation SDK for iOS 3.7.0, the adapter for each AdNetwork needs to be separately downloaded as well as their own SDK. For example, if you intend to mediate AdMob through AdTiming Mediation, add the Adapter for AdMob and AdMob SDK into your project.


How to find out if my project has included some AdNetwork's SDK?

  • Take Tapjoy as an example, the system log will show the following in success:
    AdTiming[I]:Tapjoy SDK version = 12.3.1,adapter version = 3.0.0
  • Otherwise it shows this in failure:
    AdTiming[I]:Tapjoy SDK not in project
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