Mediating AdTiming


AdMob Adapter

AdMob Adapter Documentation (only supporting Interstitial and Rewarded Video ad currently).

1. Add a new application through Admob’s backstage

2. Create your ad unit

3. Add custom event (See

Image text

4. Configured ad units as shown below

  • Class Name: Required. It is the implementation name for AdMob’s custom event interface. Please note, do not leave any blank at the front or end. The Class Name for interstitial ad and rewarded video ad is GADMAdapterAdTiming.
  • Parameter: Required. Put here appkey and placementId configured in AdTiming’s backstage. Format: “appkey” + “_” + “placementId”.

5. Call AdMob Adapter


Rewarded Video:

Note: If it failed to show AdTiming’s ads during your call, please give AdTiming higher priority then observe the display.


MoPub Adapter

MoPub Adapter Documentation (now supporting Banner, Native, Interstitial and Rewarded Video).

1. Add new applications and set up Banner, Native, Interstitial and Rewarded Video ads through Mopub.

2. Navigate to Networks → Custom Network → choose the SDK Network Type.
Image text
Image text



3. Custom Network Configuration Guidelines

  • Custom incident: Fields are required, they are the realization section for Mopub adapter. Banner: AdTimingBannerCustomEvent, Native: AdTimingNativeCustomEvent, Interstitial: AdTimingInterstitialCustomEvent, Video: AdTimingRewardedVideoCustomEvent.
  • Custom incident data: Fields are required, parameters are passed on to the adapter. In Format: {"appKey":"","placementId":""}


4. Pay attention when integrating Native: Refering to the following code to create and configure a renderer configuration for native ads.

MPNativeAdRendererConfiguration *config = [AdTimingNativeRenderer rendererConfigurationWithRendererSettings:settings];


Download Adapters

DownLoad AdMob Adapter V1.4.0

DownLoad MoPub Adapter V1.4.0

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