Diagnosis of Common Problems




Check if the AdNetworks SDKs have been successfully included in your project

Check if the adapters for the AdNetworks have been successfully included in your project



Add correct admob APPLICATION_ID

The required permission is not registered on Manifest

Config is empty, please check the config on server

Network is not available, please check network

AppKey disparity



Placement/Country/Frequency configuration

Switch to a new mobile device, or a new IP address

Make sure the GooglePlay services is present and enabled on your device

Make sure the mediated adNetworks and their adapters are present

Make sure AdtAds.init() was called

Diagnose initialization failure

SDK initialization is not complete when an ad is about to load

Check if the placement type matches the SDK method type you called in your app

Pass the correct placement ID

The activity instance was destroyed before ad loading

PlacementId and appKey mismatch

PlacementId not matching configuration

The ad object was destroyed by calling the SDK's destroy()

Something went wrong during the ad object creation

The listener setup

Missing load()

Make sure you have added the adapter for that AdNetwork

Rare case scenario: wait out the timeout



Ads won't show even though they have already successfully loaded

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