Initialization Common Problems


1. Initialization crash

Chances are you didn't add admob's APPLICATION_ID correctly:

Check and replace admob_app_id show as below with your correct admob's APPLICATION_ID in Android Manifest.xml.

Follow the Mediation Networks Guide#admob to get more information and guidance.

android:value="admob_app_id" />


2. Initialization error callback called

If you get onError callback when initializing SDK, according to the message parameter to locate and resolve the problem.

Detailed instructions are below:

  • The required permission is not registered on Manifest


See how to update AndroidManidest.xml in Andrdoid SDK Integration to get guidance.


  • Config is empty, please check the config on server

Contact your operation rep or submit a request here.


  • Network is not available, please check network

Switch to a more reliable network and try initializing again.


  • AppKey disparity

Compare the AppKey used in your AdtAds.init() with the one you configured at the Adtiming Platform here. Make sure they are identical.

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