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Mediation Networks for Andriod

AdTiming Medation lets you serve ads to your apps from multiple sources and helps maximize your fill rate and increase your monetization by sending ad requests to multiple networks to ensure you find the best available network to serve ads. The AdTiming Mediation platform supports Banner, Native, Interstitial and Rewarded Video Ads from 10 leading ad networks, equipped with smart loading, multi-instance placement optimization and hybrid waterfall technology.


Before You Start

To work with AdTiming Mediation platform, you should first correctly integrate AdTiming's ad format  into your application with AdTiming Mediation SDK:

Important! Since Android SDK Version 5.5.0 and above, the adapter for each ad network is modularized, which means that you need to include Not Only the SDK of mediation networks  you choose to work with But Also the adapters for those ad networks. An adapter contains the code needed to operate the ad network.

For example, if you want to integrate AdMob through AdTiming Mediation, you need to add the AdMob SDK as well as the Adapter for AdMob together to the libs of your project. 


Integrate Mediation Networks

AdTiming mediation supports over 10+ third-party ad networks. Integrating mediation requires changes in three places:

  1. Third-party ad network UI - Sign up for the third-party ad network and create a placement in their front end.
  2. AdTiming UI - Update your ad unit's mediation settings to include the ad network. It is also recommended that you set up ad network optimization for ad networks that support it.
  3. App code - Update your app to include the third-party ad network's SDK, and an adapter library that communicates between AdTiming and the third-party ad network to request and serve ads.

Make sure to follow the Ad Network Integration Guides to access premium ad inventory through our Mediation platform.

You can easily integrate the ad networks you're interested in integrating with AdTiming Mediation by selecting the networks below and copying the Gradle Script to the code of your app module.If you'd still like to use Manual Download to integrate our adapters, you can find all the necessary links and information to do so in the next section Manual Download for Mediation Networks.


Manual Download for Mediation Networks

This section introduces the supported ads formats and compatible versions of the AdTiming and each mediation platform's SDKs. Developers can download and integrate according to their needs.

Platforms Supported SDK Version Banner Interstitial Native Reward Video SDK Download Adapter Download
Admob 17.2.1 Maven Configuration Download
Facebook 5.4.1 Maven Configuration Download
Mopub 5.8.0   Maven Configuration Download
UnityAds 3.2.0     Download Download
Applovin 9.7.2     Maven Configuration Download
Adcolony 3.3.11       Maven Configuration Download
Vungle 6.4.11     Maven Configuration Download
Tapjoy 12.3.1     Maven Configuration Download
Chartboost 7.3.1     Download Download
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