Mediation Testing


Once you’ve entered the device and selected the mediation ad source you’d like to test on your application, you will receive ads exclusively from that specific ad network on the assigned device. This allows you to check that ads are being served correctly on the end users’ application.

Please be noted that by default, the ad network configuration will reset within the hour. To avoid the effect of application caching, please restart your App before start ad testing.mceclip0.png

Please be noted that configuration will be reset within 60 minutes and please restart your App before start ad testing. In this part, you can test ad delivery on specific devices without affecting your live app traffic.

The maximum effective time of Testing is 5-10 minutes, which may be under the influence of network caching. You can also control the sequence of the mediated network's ad delivery. Once you’ve successfully added a test device, you will see it on the AdTiming Network and Mediation Testing Module and across all your applications!



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