1. What should I do when loading an ad got No Fill in return?

Please switch the network environment or device and try again. If it doesn't work, you may want to try the following steps.

Facts: As a mediation platform, AdTiming's SDK routes ad requests to 3rd-party AdNetworks in addition to itself, and provides ads returned by all these AdNetworks to developers for display. For 3rd-party AdNetworks, AdTiming has no control whatsoever over whether they will fill in an ad request or not. The overall fill rate can only be improved by continuous optimization.

Based on the above facts, when No Fill happens, we recommend that developers do the following checks:

  1. First of all, make sure you have properly integrated AdTiming ads. You can turn on the test mode for AdTiming, and if an ad gets returned, most likely the SDK has been integrated correctly. Otherwise, please follow the documentation to check where in your SDK integration has gone wrong. To learn how to use the test mode, please refer to:
  2. If you choose to mediate other Adnetworks at the same time, check if the corresponding AdNetwork's adapter and SDK have been added as required. For example, if you mediate AdMob with AdTiming, you need to add the AdTiming SDK to your project, the AdMob adapter provided by AdTiming, and the AdMob's own SDK. For details, please refer to:
  3. If the above checks went through, please check if your 3rd-party AdNetworks are configured correctly on the AdTiming platform. And don't forget to turn on the test mode for the AdNetworks here.
  4. For more information about ads loading, please refer to:
  5. If the problem persists, please submit a ticket at:


2. What should I do if I cannot find the file of UnityAds & Chartboost in the project?

Please click here (Navigate to the section of Manual Download for Mediation Networks) to download the file of UnityAds & Chartboost.


3. What if the init method was called for multiple times?

Only the first time call is valid. Other init calls will be ignored.


4. What's the function of ExtID for Rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ad provides service-side callback service for developers. When the developer assigns value for the extid and the callback url was added to the relevant Rewarded video ad bit configuration. When the rewarded video is finished, we will send a callback request to the developer's present callback address. The developer's extid will replace the macro in the preset callback url.


5. How come it returns the error code 2002 after the ad loading?

The majority of the 2002 errors occur because the ad type does not match the SDK-related interface of the call, and you need to check that the incoming Placement type matches the called interface. In another case, the ad just added in the background to load, the service side has not been synchronized to the relevant information, can wait about half an hour to try again.


6. How come there is a certificate exception in the docking (before Android SDK V5.5.0)?

If you see certificate-related exception information, check that your phone is set up at the correct time. Check that your phone is connected to an unsafe agent and check that the bag-snatching tool is used. If the above situation does not exist, the problem still exists, please contact the appropriate technical support to resolve.


7. Why is there an error message '' in the Android SDK V5.5.0 initialization?

Check if Google Play is installed on your phone. If not, please install GP and try again.


8. Why did my ads not receive any callbacks? 

① Please check whether the load() method of the corresponding advertisement has been invoked. You may think that you can receive a corresponding callback with just creating a new object. But in fact, after the new object is created, you also need to call the load() method manually.

② Please check whether the listener was setup correctly.
The listener's type and ad's type must match, otherwise you may not get the callback.

③ Please check whether you have set the timeout period for ad loading properly.
If the timeout was set too small, the callback may not be received.

④ Poor network reception can also lead to long loading time. Please just wait it out. If you need any help, please contact us via


9. Why is it always no filling when we test Banner ads?

Currently, only AdTiming, AdMob, Facebook and MoPub support banner ads. If you test a banner ad with an AdNetwork other than these four, such as AppLovin, you will get no fill returned.


10. We declared WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE privilege in mainfest.xml, and the user also granted the APP this privilege. Why did checkSelfPermission (Manifest.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) return DENIED?

Please check whether you mediated the same AppLovin SDK version as required by AdTiming.


11. Why is the number of impressions in the report more than the number of ad requests?

It is because of the timezone difference. The number of requests is the count the AdTiming SDK recorded when the ad request was made, in UTC+08 time. The number of impressions is gathered from other AdNetworks through API, usually in UTC time. The eight-hour difference resulted in the disparity.


12. Why did I load an ad and not get a callback?

Version 5.5.0+ switches to a modular design, and developers need to have both the core SDK and the adapter for each AdNetwork to be able to mediate that AdNetwork through AdTiming. Failing to do so will result in no ad requests to be sent to the AdNetwork, and no corresponding callback to be tiggered.


13. Do I need to use the AdTiming Unity Plugin in my Unity-powered game app project if I mediate AdTiming through Admob/MoPub?

No, you only need to make the corresponding settings in Admob/MoPub, and add the AdTiming SDK to your project in the integration process.


14. Does your Android SDK support loading ads first, setting listeners later?

No, it is not supported. Starting version 5.5.0,  no separate ways are provided to set the listeners. All listeners must be set in the constructors.


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