1. How can I know if the SDK initialization is completed?

There are two ways to initialize the SDK, and both will show log message if the initialization is successfully completed: AdTiming SDK init success. You can choose the second way to do your post-initialization completion processing in the callback.

  • No return value: + (void)initWithAppKey:(NSString*)appKey
  • With return value: + (void)initWithAppKey:(NSString*)appKey completionHandler:(initCompletionHandler) completionHandler


2. My app loads ads correctly, but why was my ads loading callback not triggered?

Check if your app

  1. correctly set up delegate
  2. used the right callback method matching the SDK version


3. Why does my app only display ads from Adtiming, but none from the other mediated AdNetworks?
1. Check on your publisher web console if you have correctly set up for the AdNetworks
2. Check in your project if the AdNetworks SDKs are present
3. Check if the SDK initialization was successful


4. App Runtime error: +[NSString ADTDataPath]: unrecognized selector sent to class
Check your project's Building settings and make sure Other Linker Flag includes -ObjC.


5. App Runtime error: The Google Mobile Ads SDK was initialized incorrectly.
Check your Info.plist and make sure GADApplicationIdentifier settings is present.


6. The AdTiming SDK was initialized successfully, but it shows "Invalid placmentID, please try again with correct placementId" error in the Xcode log.
Check your placement type setting and make sure AppName and Type is aligned.


7. Tapjoy ads not filled correctly.

Make sure to include TapjoyResources.bundle in your Bundle Resources at Build Phases.


8. Why is it always no filling when we test Banner ads?

Currently, only AdTiming, AdMob, Facebook and MoPub support banner ads. If you test a banner ad with an AdNetwork other than these four, such as AppLovin, you will get no fill returned.


9. Does Native Ad support custom click controls?

The click event for the current version of Native Ad is associated with the whole ad container. Therefore custom clicks are not currently supported, which means you cannot specify which parts within the Ad are clickable or not.


10. Why is the number of impressions in the report more than the number of ad requests?

It is because of the timezone difference. The number of requests is the count the AdTiming SDK recorded when the ad request was made, in UTC+08 time. The number of impressions is gathered from other AdNetworks through API, usually in UTC time. The eight-hour difference resulted in the disparity.


11. Do I need to use the AdTiming Unity Plugin in my Unity-powered game app project if I mediate AdTiming through Admob/MoPub?

No, you only need to make the corresponding settings in Admob/MoPub, and add the AdTiming SDK to your project in the integration process.


12. Apple prohibits the use of UIWebView components. Are this kind of component being used in your SDK?

No. We have upgraded the use of webview accordingly, and using our SDK will not violate Apple's policies.

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