Change Log

AdTiming Unity Plugin V4.4.1


  • Wraps Android 6.6.0 SDK and iOS 4.3.2 SDK


AdTiming Unity Plugin V4.4.0


  • Add getGDPRConsent Api
  • Wraps Android 6.6.0 SDK and iOS 4.3.1 SDK


AdTiming Unity Plugin V4.3.0


  • Wraps Android 6.5.0 SDK and iOS 4.3.0 SDK
  • Add Banner Support


AdTiming Unity Plugin V4.2.0


  • Wraps Android 6.4.0 SDK and iOS 4.1.5 SDK
  • Unity Integration Manager – from this version on, AdTiming SDK and adapters can be downloaded directly from the Unity Development Platform


AdTiming Unity Plugin V4.0.0


  • Modified packaging to separate the plugin from core SDK for better app integration experience.
  • Interface modification in sync with the interface changes in the latest SDK release:
    -removed load method: SDK now manages ads loading and inventory.
    -removed PlacementID from interface.
    -added a scene parameter to methods like show and related callbacks.
    -modified listener callback interface in sync with automatic ads loading and inventory management.
  • Added setIAP method for apps to report IAP data. (Recommended practice)
  • Modified and optimized SDK integration and updating process for Android.
  • Various bug fixes.


AdTiming Unity Plugin V3.0.0


  • Update the UnitySDK version to 3.2.0.
  • The ad slot setting Listener mode is changed from SetListener to AddListener.


AdTiming Unity Plugin V1.0.1


  • Modify the API call, the new API call method is more convenient and more intuitive.
  • Plugin built-in Android and IOS AdtimingSDK.
  • Synchronize the main SDK's MediationAdapter integration mode.
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