Test Your Integration for Android


After you finished creating an app, its default mode is the test mode. Ad requests in the test mode are all test campaigns. After your application is officially launched in app stores, the system automatically switched to the normal mode and serve live ads.

No. Check List


Applied for ad ID;

Finished registration and obtain APP_KEY、Placement ID;

Finished configuration of AdTiming and other mediation platforms;

APP/Placements in good condition

Finished integrating Adtiming SDK & 3rd-party SDKs;

Finished downloading Adtiming SDK & 3rd-party SDKs;

Finished configuring Android Manifest.xml;

Finished obfuscating code (optional);

Initialization: Finished initialization of AdTiming SDK


Finished creating objects, listeners and callbacks setup;

Able to fetch NativeAd elements;

Finished destorying NativeAd Objects;


Finished setting up IntersitialAd objects;

Finished registration of InterstitialAd callbacks;

Able to fetch InterstitialAd data;


Finished setting up BannerAd objects;

Finished registration of BannerAd callbacks;

Able to fetch BannerAd data;


Finished setting up VideoAd objects;

Finished registration of VideoAd callbacks;

Able to fetch VideoAd, play the ad and reach the landing page after playing;

Finished setting up Rewarded VideoAd server callbacks with correct parameter and able to receive data correctly


Finished setting up InteractiveAd objects;

Finish registration of InteractiveAd callbacks;

Able to fetch InteractiveAd data;

Well Done, you have successfully integrated AdTiming SDK! You can check the integrity of your environment configuration by calling the following code in the app:


You are ready to monetize your app through AdTiming. Looking forward to your product launch!

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