Interstitial ads are full-screen ad formats covering the interface of an app and appearing at natural app transition points like pausing a game. Users have the option to skip the ad if they want.

In order to generate revenue for your app with our Interstitial ad unit, you're supposed to integrate the ad unit in your code and activate Intestitial ads on your AdTiming Dashboard.

Step 1. Add Your App

Follow this guide for instructions on how to set your app

Step 2. Add Placements

1. Navigate to 'APPS' -> 'Placements', click on 'ADD PLACEMENT'


2. Complete the Placement Settings

  • App:Select the app you'd like to integrate the Interstitial ad from the list.
  • Placement Name:Enter a custom name for this placement.
  • Type:  Make sure you’re on the Interstitial tab.


3. Next, click on 'Advanced settings' for futher configurations to enhance the user experience in your app.

  • Auto Pre-loading: Preload your ads to ensure the creative content of ad networks is cached in time and ready to show when the user reaches the transition point.
  • Frequency Caps: Turn on the Frenquency Caps and it will limit the amount of ads your serve to a same user for the selected placement. You can set limitations by (1-24) hour(s).
  • Pacing: It gives you control over the time interval between ads for the selected placement. 
  • Device Brand&Device Model: You can use the list to target or block devices. AdTiming supports two standard wildcards: comma (,) and line break. 


4. Click on 'Submit'

Once you’ve successfully tested ad delivery, activate the ad unit. Your app can now receive live Interstitial ads. If you don’t have permissions to activate the ad unit on your dashboard, simply contact us and we will activate it for you.



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