Audience Segment Automation


Audience Mediation Segment is a new ad mediation platform feature developed by AdTiming,which upgrades the platforms from comparisons of ad sources to group segment audience comparison. Here is a detailed introduction.

Mediation Audience Segment Guide
What is Mediation?

Before introducing audience mediation, you need to know what mediation is. Mediation indicates a number of mobile advertising platform mediates together so that you can have a variety of advertising sources to fill a single ad placement. Thereby, it boosts the fill rate greatly, while maximizing revenue.

How Does Mediation Work?

For single advertising placement to mediate multiple advertising platforms, the mechanism is that the mediation platform selects (general can be manual or system automatically) a platform with the highest eCPM according to the history eCPM and filling rate. If there are no return ads, the mediation platform will continue to select in eCPM rankings, until there are ads to fill. This ensures the maximum eCPM also guarantees the filling rate.

In general, the ads are requested according to serial. So, to avoid too long-time response, mediation platforms generally set the timeout duration. Once the request is timeout, the placement will not be filled;

Most mediations are automatically run by the system weights. The main factors are the location and time (Ad Networks often only provide these data). If there isn’t a country level or lack of historical data, then the mediation platform uses the platform as a whole eCPM. If the platform has no historical data, the mediation platform will use default weights. This mechanism is to ensure that the data are as accurately as possible, so as to avoid situations like neglecting the advantages of some platforms in certain countries, thereby maximizing overall eCPM.

What are the differences between the ‘AdTiming Mediation Audience Segment’ and general Mediation?

AdTiming Mediation Audience Segment also adopts mechanisms here mentioned above as a foundation. Adding to that, AdTiming equips Audience Segments to ensure more precise weight calculations, hence maximizes revenue.

Record ad network integrated by each user (GAID/IDFA) and gather eCPM statistics in a certain time interval of this user group segment. Generally speaking, users will not only watch one ad. When accumulated to a certain amount of data, on the next user request, the system will prioritize the ad network selection according to the group segment weight of the user, so as to allow high-value users to match up with high -value ad networks, thus maximizes the revenue.

Mediation Segment, How to Start?


■ Mediate at least one ad network

■ Ad display >10,000 for 7 consecutive days

■ Currently this function is under closed Beta test, not available for all developers. Since this function consumes large memory storage and computing power, queue will be needed once the capacity is full. For further details please contact your account manager;

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