Interactive Ads is a brand new form of advertising. It allows users to play H5 games and get all kinds of coupons advertisers offered. The basic form is: users enter the entrance by clicking, will present a variety of interesting interactive activities, such as smashing golden eggs, rolling dice, etc.

After participating in these activities, users will get welfare incentives such as coupons sent by the corresponding brands. If users choose to receive incentives, they will jump to the landing page of brand advertisements, thus completing the entire advertising process.

Interactive ad 

In order to generate revenue for your app with our Interactive ad unit, you're supposed to integrate the ad unit in your code and activate Interactive ads on your AdTiming Dashboard.

Step 1. Add Your App

Follow this guide for instructions on how to set your app

Step 2. Add Placements

1. Navigate to 'APPS' -> 'Placements', click on 'ADD PLACEMENT'


2. Complete the Placement Settings

  • App:Select the app you'd like to integrate the Interactive ad from the list.
  • Placement Name:Enter a custom name for this placement.
  • Type:  Make sure you’re on the Interactive tab.



Please Note: If you do not have the access to Interactive ads, please contact your AM for full access or email us to


3. Click on 'Submit'

Once you’ve successfully tested ad delivery, activate the ad unit. Your app can now receive live Interactive ads. If you don’t have permissions to activate the ad unit on your dashboard, simply contact us and we will activate it for you.



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